Transportation Technology


1.       Introduction to transport and transport systems, modal and technological structure of transport systems, means of transport, transport organization, modal choice, travel behaviour and traffic forecasting, transport and traffic planning

2.       Road transport, road and motorway infrastructure, road transport technology, toll systems, means of road transport, fuel stations, rescue systems, maintenance of road and motorway network

3.       Rail transport, railway infrastructure and technology, passenger and freight stations and hubs, rolling stock, timetables and vehicle scheduling, energy systems, maintenance of rail systems

4.       Air transport, air transport ground infrastructure, airports and their equipment, air transport organization, air fleet, ground support

5.       Water transport, river and sea transport, water transport infrastructure, passenger and cargo ports, organization of water transport, water transport vessels, water taxis

6.       Integrated transport systems of cities and urban agglomerations, public and non-public transport, urban public transport, public transport infrastructure, transport hubs, bus and tram transport, underground and above-ground railways, regular lines, organization and management of urban transport, passenger check-in systems

7.       Freight transport and logistics, freight transport infrastructure, freight terminals and transshipment points, warehouse infrastructure, freight containers and container transshipment points, freight transport organization, combined transport

8.       Unconventional transport systems, pipeline, magnetic, suspended, rope systems, modular and cabin systems, electromobility of transport systems, SMART cities and transport

9.       Transport economics, CAPEX, OPEX, LCC

10.   Performance indicators of transport, quality and reliability of transport systems, quality and reliability management of transport systems

11.   Environmental sustainability of transport, environmental impact of transport systems, transport and decarbonization

12.   Electromobility of road and rail transport, automotive and rolling stock, power supply systems, distribution systems

13.   Investments in transport, public – private partnership in transport

14.   Summary and conclusion