1.We live and work in a globalized world, in a world of open borders
2.It is very likely that you will work in international company or in domestic company with international ambitions, maybe you will work abroad
3.For this type of work you need not only training in economic and managerial fields as you study them today (and technical as well if you will work in technical field), but also special training for working in an international environment
4.The issue of international business and management is very extensive and complex, we choose from the overall mosaic two fields that you will surely meet in your practice: international trade and international finance
5.Both fields are closely related: trade without securing cash flows and financing is practically impossible, while international finance is largely focused on business and investment transactions
6.This course is just a starting point for further study, but it is an important starting point for you at the right time
7.The combination of Czech and foreign students in this course opens one more dimension: mutual understanding and sympathy for diversity